Ludovica Menegolo

I graduated in Law at the University of Bologna in 1996 with a thesis on tender law. After qualifying to practise as an attorney-at-law I enrolled in the Vicenza Bar Association in 2003. When I accomplished my internship with leading civil law firms in Vicenza I began providing business advisory services and assistance to Italian and foreign companies, also assisting Italian clients in the real estate and tender sectors as well as regarding family and condominium matters. I always pursue my activities even through all the phases of civil litigation.

In 2005 I began, in cooperation with Studio Cavaggioni scarl, providing my legal services in the specific sector of natural gas, gaining considerable experience in the area of industrial appraisals of public assets and in the preparation of documents both for tenders called by individual Municipalities and for tenders called by volunteer and then legally set up organizations.

Avv. Ludovica Menegolo