Over time the onset of certain economic scenarios, both in public and private sectors, has required lawyers to provide multidisciplinary answers as part of the same issues and/or disputes. This has given rise to consolidated cooperation with several professionals outside the Law Firm to allow clients to be provided with constantly comprehensive and satisfying solutions and forms of assistance. Finally, the need to be present even in areas neighboring the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions has given rise to useful relationships with several colleagues who, over time, have proven valuable means to assist our clients over much of the territory of Italy.


STUDIO CAVAGGIONI SCARL ( www.studiocavaggioni.it ): a Firm of primary importance in the energy sector (distribution of natural gas, public lighting), specializing in assisting Municipalities and Provinces, implementing tenders and appraisal of assets.


GEOM. FABIO DAL GRANDE: an expert in the sector of design, appraisals, works supervision and energy certifications.


DOTT. GIUSEPPE RANOLDI : an expert graphologist – registered in the Roll of Experts and Consultants of the Court of Vicenza – an expert in calligraphy and graphology appraisals.


ATTORNEY-AT-LAW ALESSANDRO ISETTI: a criminal lawyer in Vicenza / ATTORNEY-AT-LAW GIANLUCA VASSANELLI: a criminal lawyer in Verona / STUDIO LEGALE MORRICONE: a civil lawyer in Rome – banking law sector / STUDIO LEGALE PERILLI: an associated law firm in Rome – entertainment event contracts sector / STUDIO LEGALE VISCOMI:an associated law firm in Catanzaro and Crotone  - civil and criminal law / AVV. EMANUELA CARLINI: a civil lawyer in Genoa / AVV. RACHELE BOZZOLAN: a civil lawyer in Rovigo.