Ilaria Bignotto

I got my Master’s Degree in Law at the University of Verona with a thesis on Sports Regulations and Jurisdiction. I then enrolled in the Verona Bar Association and after performing legal training I received my qualification to practise as an attorney-at-law. I immediately learned the importance of placing myself on the same level as my clients to better comprehend their requirements, enter into the real problems being put to me and consequently be better able to put forward the best solution for safeguarding their rights at issue, whether personal or property.

I began my cooperation with attorney-at-law Ludovica Menegolo in 2012, sharing the office with her and accomplishing constant and fruitful exchanges that permit both of us to tackle with miscellaneous case records with greater confidence and maturity. I primarily deal with civil law, ranging from automobile accidents to debt collection and from a variety of contract case records to the delicate family law, a matter where I invest time and resources given the importance of the underlying relationships, constantly updating my expertise in this field.

Avv. Ilaria Bignotto